Don’t Crush Salida

DON’T CRUSH SALIDA is a non-profit organization that was established to give voice to a rapidly growing number of Salida area citizens who oppose plans to create a new gravel pit in a residential area on CR 140 west of Hwy 285. This is the second attempt by former two-term Commissioner Frank Holman to create a pit in this location.  He has attempted to portray himself as a selfless public servant who is willing to sacrifice over 60% of his family ranch in order to provide the county with “much needed” road base and he has insisted that he is “not doing this for financial gain but to fill a need for the entire county.”  None of that stands up to scrutiny.  In actuality, the county projects its requirement for road base to be 8,000-10,000 tons per year and even that may be a high estimate given the fact that we believe the total purchases for 2014, 2015 and 2016 combined were approximately $70,000 or roughly 7,000 tons and that, in some years, the county purchases no road base at all.

Mr. Holman and ACA Products have attempted to justify this pit on the basis that the county must approve the pit to obtain the road base needed to work with Magnesium Chloride for dust control. They have hidden behind this public smokescreen to draw attention away from the fact that this pit promises to be incredibly lucrative for both Mr. Holman and ACA Products.  Those against this pit have been painted by proponents as a small group of wealthy newcomers whose opposition to this pit is that they simply don’t want it in their back yard. That might play well in the local press but it is very far from the truth. The truth is that over 1,150 concerned citizens have already voiced their opposition to this pit by signing our petition.  Many are people who have lived here much, if not all, of their lives. They are rich and poor, retirees and many others who have chosen to locate and live here for the incredible beauty, tranquility and lifestyle that this valley affords  They are Frank Holman’s neighbors and they are your neighbors.  They pay taxes, support local businesses, participate in every aspect of this county and THEY VOTE. One thing they have in common is a belief that it is unethical and very likely illegal for elected officials to leverage their office and political clout for their own gain, especially when it comes at the expense of so many others. They all believe that placing a gravel pit near a residential area is a bad decision on many levels and that its approval would be a long-lasting mistake for Chaffee County.  They want their voices heard.

Nothing about this proposed pit passes the “sniff” test.  It has become one of the more contentious issues facing the county…one eerily reminiscent of the Nestle water controversy of 2008 when county officials ignored the voices of Chaffee County citizens and approved a deal allowing Nestle to divert millions of gallons of water from Chaffee County aquifers to fuel their booming bottled water business. Like this gravel pit, the agreement with Nestle enriched a handful of people over the opposition of many Chaffee County citizens.

If you, like we, believe that a gravel pit being approved so near a residential area is wrong, please support our efforts to stop this pit from becoming a reality.  Please sign our petition (see link below) and consider contributing to our efforts. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!!!

New Article:

Please take a moment  to read review a letter we submitted to the Chaffee County Commissioners entitled “Why We Are Against the Proposed Gravel Pit” (see link below) and  Cynda Green’s (Cynda is an investigative reporter for the Salida Daily Post) letter to the Chaffee County Commissioners and Planning Commission.  Both articles provide comprehensive overview of why all Chaffee County citizens…not just those who live near the proposed pit…should be opposed to the creation of a new gravel pit so near other properties and existing sub-divisions.  Other pertinent links are found on our RESOURCES and FACT SHEET pages as well.

Why we are against the proposed gravel pit-a  letter to Commissioners

Cynda Green’s 5-15-17 Letter to the Chaffee County Commissioners 

Gravel Pit Ramifications for Chaffee County 

Road Base…or Not


f you would like to join the over 1,100 Chaffee County citizens who are opposed to this proposed gravel pit, please open the link below for a copy of the petition.  Once signed, you can either scan and email it to us at or mail it to Don’t Crush Salida, P.O. Box 1210, Poncha Springs, CO 81242.

Petition Form

Thank you for your support!